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Let's meet at
ASD Market Week Show
Las Vegas convention centre
August 20th to 23rd, 2023
Booth # C32335


We are a well-established New York-based company, deeply rooted in the jewelry industry since 2003. Our journey commenced with Name Buckles, but as the industry evolved, so did we. Over time, we have continuously diversified our offerings to cater to the dynamic demands of our business.

In 2005, a pivotal moment arrived when our visionary founder, Mr. Nadeem Arshad, introduced the groundbreaking Led Buckle. Its revolutionary design and functionality captivated the market, propelling us to achieve unprecedented sales records. The widespread popularity of the Led Buckle cemented our position as a trendsetter in the industry.

To stay ahead in a competitive market, we have fostered strong collaborations with reputable factories in China and South Korea. By doing so, we ensure a steady supply of the latest styles and designs, empowering our business partners to flourish in profitable ventures.